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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> welcome to gmt. i am naga munchetty. massive explosions terror through a naval base in cyprus. at least 12 people are dead. its stock the blast was triggered by fire at a munitions dump. a egypt's revolution at crossroads. protesters accusing the authorities. it started six months ago in tunisia. a special report on the countries that led the arab spring. >> it is midday in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and 2:00 in
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the afternoon in cyprus, where a series of explosions have tore through a naval base, killing at least 12 and injuring dozens more. it happened at a munitions storage in the fishing village of zygi. it was felt as far as 3 miles away. >> nothing could have prepared local people for this. a hot summer morning was shattered when a munitions storage pact with gunpowder exploded. it ripped through the national guard naval base, killing those unlucky enough to be in its path. homes and cars nearby were seriously damaged. >> the sound -- it blew my socks off.
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windows, door frames. things left their shelves. a total mess inside. >> officials are speculating this was a tragic accident. the fire brigade has been called out to fight a wildfire. there were massive explosions from the naval base. the weapons cache had been confiscated over two years ago from this ship. the arms had left iran and were bound for stereo, but the cargo was intercepted by authorities -- and were bound for syria, above the cargo was intercepted by authorities. next to the naval base is the island's main power station. it has also been largely been destroyed. in the grip of a heat wave and possibly months of power cuts. to cutpeople have been asked
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back on the use of air conditioning and refrigerators. >> we have come up with a plan of disrupting supplies to residential areas on an occasional basis. basic infrastructure, airports, hospitals, tourist areas, industrial areas will not be affected. >> it's got about two thousand tons -- it is thought that about two thousand tons blew up. the president has called it a catastrophe. many will be asking why so much dangerous material was not stored more safely. >> six months since protests in tunisia brought about a historic revolution in the country that sparked the wave of uprising across the arab region. george is in egypt to mark the occasion. what is the latest from cairo? >> naga, thank you very much.
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welcome to tahrir square. it has achieved near iconic status because of what was achieved in this country. we will have more on that a little later. of course, this whole arab spring, which is what we are calling it, started six months ago in tunisia. it started with one man, a fruit and vegetable seller who burned himself to death in a grand frustration after officials confiscated his produce. the bbc has talked to the official ordered that confiscation. he said that he thinks the revolution would have happened anyway. our middle east editor has been back -- >> [speaking foreign language] radio show lampoons.
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tunisians are allowed to laugh at them. he does all the voices in a satirical way. >> [speaking foreign language] >> gaddafi is a regular column. the former president argues with who is more popular. after the show, he says tunisia ns were lucky. >> he was a coward. he just ran away. we lit the fuse before the other revolutions. >> tunisia is the most complete of all the revolutions. in january, to the gesture of the rest of the arab world that it was possible -- in january,
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indonesia showed the rest of the arab world -- tunisia showed that to the rest of the arab world. after years of corruption and mismanagement, a difficult legacy was left. >> the country is unstable enough for the army -- election s based of the biggest problem, unemployment. his death started the uprising. kill themselves after years without a proper job. this is where he died, about three hours from tunisia. the people here are proud they started the revolution after word spread that he set fire to himself. >> [speaking foreign language] he did it after these government inspectors confiscated the fruity was selling without a license. she spent 110 days in prison,
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she says unjustly. these officials were symbols of a repressive regime. even they agree that a revolution is waiting to happen. >> [speaking foreign language] he was just the first spark. it was like a full glass of water and he was the drop that made it overflow. >> the men are still frustrated and angry that they cannot earn money for their families. >> i am in the cafe all day. i want a job. >> the problem, i'm afraid, is that our dreams will not come true. >> the old arab world could not satisfy the people. they showed they could not be ignored anymore. how long will their patience
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last if the new world does not deliver? >> the last few months in egypt, we listened to the voices in tahrir square. in many ways, they've been the most organized. the people who reached out to the outside world with their banners -- we have seen it all over the last few months. what about ordinary egyptians who did not come to the square? through the last five months and president hosni mubarak failed -- they're the ones who had to go out and earn a living. i got on a commuter bus in cairo to find out what ordinary people are thinking. >> hot, dusty, and proud. life for the eight million people of cairo, life has al ways been hectic.
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the daily commute has become a daily debate. there's one man who ought to know what people are talking about and thinking about. it is the bus conductor. i will see if i can talk to him. five or six months ago, did you even hear the word "democracy" on this bus? >> i am zeinab badawi. [speaking foreign language] >> he says it is all hush hush. the state had eyes and ears everywhere. >> many people look at a police officer and a link you to the old regime. do you think that is fair? >> [speaking foreign language] >> he says they were just doing their job. all change at one of cairo's many markets. the uprising affected the economy. prices are soaring and the new
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minimum wage is not keeping pace. the local juice seller -- >> nothing is happening, he says. the market is empty and there is no work. midday and i have joined the regulars at a nearby coffee house. the conversation went from sports to politics. many feel fundamental change is slipping away. >> [speaking foreign language] >> again, is the system. >> the regime is gone now. >> no. >> time to head back into town. i was left eating with ordinary egyptians. , butre losing patience change will come slowly.
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>> it is tough now, but you hope it will get better? >> [speaking foreign language] >> the burnt out shell of the former party headquarters tahrir square towers tahrir -- headquarters towers over tahrir square. >> here we are. you can imagine what's going on here. you're in the middle of tahrir square. protests are still going on, which accounts for the noise. egypt is moving into a new phase and hopefully into a phase of elections in september. one of the parties that will be contesting it is the freedom and justice party, which is linked to the muslim brotherhood -- founded by the moslem brother heard. i'm joined by the vice chairman of the freedom and justice party. what will the freedom and
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justice party be offering in the election? >> a democratic coalition from 28 parties. this coalition can create many alliances. the country cannot go on the track of having a new parliament and new cabinet -- but the country and the right path to meet the demands of the people. without this, we are going into chaos. >> your party, the freedom and justice party, is linked to the muslim brotherhood. it's your program one in which egypt can move towards a more islamic state, where islam will play a bigger role and public affairs? >> the slogans and demands of the revolution, freedom, justice, and development.
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this is a democratic, free, independent country. we are going to have a free, democratic country. it will be the motive for the whole region. >> just answer that question. is egypt likely to see, for example, sure real lharia law? >> egypt is a religious country from ancient times. christians here have about -- they reject the catholic church [inaudible] this is a religious country. they're building their country according to their beliefs. >> many people in the protest movement at large think that the elections should be postponed beyond september because they say early elections give your party in advantage because you have been organizing the longest. >> i think all opinions are
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respected. what is the alternative? keep the military on watch. keep the army outdoors and not in camps. this is very dangerous for the country and the region as a whole. without national consensus -- we can get a national consensus about the elections, about the constitution, about [inaudible] >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. in what is an incredibly hot afternoon in cairo, the temperature is above 35 degrees. >> 39 degrees. >> 39 degrees. debts from the freedom and justice party. it must be official. that's all from cairo, from tahrir square.
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naga, back to you. >> i thought 24 degrees in london was hot enough. good to see you. take a look at some of the other stories making headlines. thousands of people are gathering in the eastern town to attend a ceremony marking the 16th anniversary of the massacre. more than 600 victim's will be reburied today. it will be taken to a memorial center, where more than four thousand massacre victims are already laid to rest. up to 60 primary school children are feared dead in a road accident in southeastern bangladesh. they are among a group of 80 that were traveling after a local football match. the driver lost control and said the truck into a ditch. still to come on gmt -- hopes of
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finding further survivors from the russian boat that sunk. more than 200 people were aboard. the last american space shuttle, atlantis, has balked at the international space station on its final mission -- has docked at the international space station on its final mission. >> in orbit above the earth, a moment of history as atlantis, the last american space shuttle, docks at the international space station for the last time. slowly performing a back flip, so astronauts on the station can check for any damage on the bottom of the shuttle. at mission control in houston, they keep a close watch as the shuttle makes its final approach. >> atlantis arriving. welcome to the international space station for the last time. >> is great to be here, station. we will see you shortly.
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>> inside the space station, the crew wakes to welcome the new visitors -- crew waits to welcome the new visitors. first through the hatch is .ommander chris firferguson he is followed by the other astronauts from atlantis. >> two, 1, 0, lift off. >> the shuttle blasted off on friday for the last time. it carries with it supplies for the space station and enough food to last one year. the astronauts will stay here until next week, before their final journey home, at the end of a program that has lasted 30 years. the shuttle passes into history. bbc news. >> crisis talks between president obama and political leaders in congress have failed
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to break the deadlock over how to avoid a default by the united intes and $40 trill14 trillion debt. you are watching gmt from "bbc world news." massive explosions in a naval base in cyprus. " people are dead. dozens are injured. -- 12 people are dead. dozens are injured. officials in russia say there's little hope of finding any more survivors, even more than 100 people are still missing after a pleasure boats sank in the volga river. a spokesperson says the chances of finding any more survivors are minimal. steve rosenberg reports. >> on the banks of the river volga, emergency teams worked through the night. this is no longer a rescue
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mission. it's about comforting relatives of the missing. this man says his only daughter, his granddaughter, and son in law, were on the boat. show me anybody's you have, he says. the vote was 55 years old and still in service. it had been on a weekend cruise when they got into distress. witnesses say it keeled over and sank in minutes. when rescuers reached the scene, the scale of the disaster became clear. more than 100 people are still missing. >> we could not find anyone along the shore. nothing but silence and waves. there's nobody there. >> some people were rescued by a passing boat. exhausted, they were taken to
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kazan, where the bulgaria had sailed from. waiting on the shore were friends and families of those who had been on the cruise. >> two ships did not stop, even though we wave their hands. only this boat stopped to pick us up. >> my three sisters had gone on the cruise, she says. one has telephoned to say she is alive. i do not know about the others. >> hope of finding anyone else alive is all but faded. >> steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. >> the deputy prime minister has asked rupert murdoch to do the decent and sensible thing and to reconsider his bid to take over satellite television channel
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bskyb. clegg spoke after meeting the families of thithey schoolgirl -- the schoolgirl. this is a subject that's touching all of us, not only in the social media world, but also in the business world. >> absolutely. the pressure is unbelievable at the moment. i will talk about the share prices in a moment. this is what investors are looking at at the moment. the cultural cemetery of britain says he will not make a rush decision. we know he has written to regular -- written to regulators seeking advice. there's speculation that the takeover will be referred back to the competition commission, which could involve a lengthy investigation into whether mr. rupert murdoch, news corp., his management team would be proper to own bskyb. clegg made those comments a few
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moments ago. let's listen to what he said about this deal. >> the bskyb bid -- rupert murdoch is now in town in london. i would simply say to him -- look how people feel about this. look how the country has reacted with revulsion to the revelations'. do the decent and sensible thing and reconsider. think again about your bid for bskyb. >> you mentioned the share price of bskyb has been affected. not only bskyb. >> investors have seen a possible delayed the bid and a possible failed bid. the pressure on rupert murdoch. they are dumping some of their bskyb shares. it fell another 6% today. that's on the back of an 8% fall on friday. not too long ago, bskyb shares were about $30.60 per share.
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you mentioned the global empire. news corp. may be a global company with investors from all over the world. their only focus at the moment is this uk story. they are putting a lot of pressure on the shares of news corp.. listen to this. >> so much of news corp. is rupert murdoch. you do not have a widespread of directors managing the company. it hinges on one man. they have been tarnished by what has gone on over the past few weeks with the "news of the world" and it looks like this could drag on. for both bskyb and news corp., investors could be wary for some time to come. >> the story's not going anywhere anytime soon. we will be talking about this again. very close to home, as well, the eurozone. finance ministers are discussing greece once again and there are reports they are considering rethinking private investors'
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involvement in the second bailout. the germans want to put the creditors -- they want to push the creditors to take further greek debt, as opposed to the french plan where they would just buy more greek debt when the bonds were to expire. there's a lot going on and a lot of worries over italy,. as. let's take a quick look at the markets. they are focused on several things at the moment. this is in asia. they are focused on the back of what we have seen in greece with the eurozone worries. finance ministers are meeting today and they are also likely to discuss italy. italy is becoming a big worry. the interest rates italians have to pay soared. the 5.5%ly short of mark, where it starts to put pressure on the economy.
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also, the market's focus on the u.s. debt worries. they have not reached an agreement. have until the beginning of august when the u.s. economy runs out of money. >> $14.3 trillion. >> unbelievable. >> thank you. we want to hear what you think. get in touch with us at gmt. you can do that via our website, you can also learn more about how we put the program together. you'll also find links to our facebook and twitter pages. our top story -- a series of huge explosions have torn through the main greek naval base in cyprus, killing at least 12 people and injuring more than 30. the blast at zygi was triggered by a fire at a munitions storage.
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the impact of the blast was felt more than 3 kilometers away. that is all for the moment. stay with us on "bbc world news." there is more to come. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. hawewn ca do for you? >> "bbc world news america" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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